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Fighting Frustration

Some days things don't go the way I expected, sometimes people don't agree with my opinion or with what I feel is "obviously" more important to do. It's easy to start thinking that some people just don't care, if only they leave me alone and allow me to do my work, I can change the company. I can blame others when things go bad and start thinking that is their fault because they have a different opinion than mine. But the true is that if something goes wrong, with the project I'm working, it's my fault. I should be responsible to finish the project, in time and budget, and because of that, I have to deal with all the bureaucracy that needs to be dealt with. I have to realize that I need to do that as part of my job. Besides, is not that people don't care is just that they have a different (and valid) approach than mine. How do I deal with the frustration? Well... first I need to stop complaining, because if I start to focus in the bad