Firebird and DBX4

Although Firebird is not officially supported by the Interbase dbexpress driver it can be used without problems until the BSD 2006 (and the Turbo versions).

Now with Delphi 2007, RAD Studio and DBX4, firebird can still be use with Interbase driver, except if is used on Blobs fields; they allow reading but does not allow updating. This presents a problem when migrate applications to the latest version of Delphi and RAD Studio. This was reported in Quality Central but CodeGear closed the post arguing that Firebird is not Interbase, and the driver was written for Interbase, therefore it’s not a bug.

I suppose Firebird and Interbase will be separating each other more on future versions. I hope CodeGear will develop a driver for firebird because there are many applications made with Delphi and C++ Builder that are using Firebird.


  1. All wait it. I'm hopeful that CodeGear understand that firebird contibute to increase the Codegear ide's


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